Things To Do


 1) Take a "Ngalawa" - a traditional - outrigger double -canoe of the     Swahili people


 2) Take a trip on a glass boat for snorkeling 


 3) Watch the dhows sail slowly by


 4) Ride a camel or watch it loping along the beach


 5) Jet-skiing


 6) Kite-surfing


 7) Wind-surfing


 8) Scuba diving


 9) Yoga on the beach with no hustling from the Beach boys


10) Walk for miles on the beach and swim in the clear, warm water all day...


 11) Relax and enjoy the sights and still keep an eye on the children in the pool, or,  let the nanny keep an eye, and you keep an eye, BUT the perks are that, you still get to enjoy your cocktail...


 12) Watch dolphins at one of the prime breeding dolphin areas of the East African Coast -Wasini Island and the Marine National Park with it's stunning reefs, and a myriad of exotic tropical fish.


 13) Take a safari to Shimba Hills - over 50% of the 159 rare plants in Kenya are found in the Shimba Hills, including some endangered species of cycad and orchids. It is also a nationally important site. Approximately 700 elephants are found in the reserve.


14) Read a book

15) Or just do absolutely nothing but enjoy your cocktail!